Psalm 85:6 reads, Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee? I read these words and am reminded of how much we need revival today, in our country, churches and individual hearts. I think of the song we sing asking God to send revival, and let it begin with me. I wonder do I mean the words as I sing them. In my time with the Lord do I ask again for that revival spirit to begin with me?

I heard a pastor on the radio recently mention that revival does not start with those who need it most. It begins with those close to God. He said if we want to start a fire we use something that is easy to burn. The heart of a Christian who has a desire to serve is tender, and easy to burn; a good place to start a fire. The great revivals in our past started in the hearts of someone with a love for God and a desire to spread the word.

How far am I willing to go in my service to Him? Do I want to be known as one who is on fire for God? Do I want the fires of revival to begin with me? Is my desire, willingness, love for the lost, and my faith in Him all stacked and ready for the fire to be lit? Will I see the fire burn high and bright, encouraging others to draw closer to Him? Will the fire spread causing many sister fires to burn brighter? Most of all I want the lost to be drawn to the heat and the light, finding the Savior that brings hope and salvation to a broken heart. I pray my answer is an honest, true yes, this is what I want.

It’s a blessing I cannot explain to be among revival fires and I yearn to see them again.

Published in the Countryside Baptist Church bulletin February 19,2017.