Newcomerstown village council approved a plan to start getting estimates from construction firms for adding another larger shelter at Cy Young Park, replacing one that was damaged earlier last year when a large tree fell onto the shelter.

Village council is looking ahead to not only replace the damaged shelter (Shelter #6), but add one that will be larger to accommodate more people and have electricity access. At present, Cy Young is very limited to having only a few of the larger type shelters which are always in demand throughout the park season.

Mayor Pat Cadle said the plan is to have a shelter constructed that would hold up to 10 tables. He said the old shelter that was destroyed was lacking in size, and this will be the perfect opportunity to add something that will benefit the park and the patrons. He added that having the additional larger shelter will facilitate more revenue for the park by having one more larger shelter to rent out. The larger shelters are most popular, and patrons call ahead many months in advance to ensure they are going to be able to have one of the larger shelters. The new shelter is planned to be constructed within the next few months as soon as the winter weather ceases.

Business discussed from the February 5 regular council session included:

• Darnell Brown, representing ITB (International Technology Board), Newcomerstown, addressed village council regarding the renovation of the Clow buildings for the purpose of adding a youth gathering center. Brown’s intentions are to have a local place for the youth to gather to study, interact, and learn about their heritage. The center will also have a museum in the near future for exhibits concerning the former Clow plant that was on the site from 1898-1956. Brown also is hopeful to possibly facilitate a local business also locate at the site later.

• The Chestnut Street house that was earlier gifted to the village was discussed, and village plans to sell the house. They will offer the chance to purchase the house on a first come, first served basis according to the prospective buyer’s ability to obtain funding.

• NERS has recently been approved for a grant to purchase a new medical vehicle.

• The Tuscarawas County Suicide Prevention Support group will be sponsoring a special suicide prevention program for the youth due to the recent increased number of deaths by suicide in Tuscarawas County. The program will be presented in the school earlier in the day, and later in the evening to the community. There will be several key speakers. The event will take place Feb. 20. Tuscarawas County Suicide Prevention Chair person. Kristie Wilkin provided information to council members.

• Council approved Street/Cemetery Department to sell 1999 pick-up truck, and a 20 ton trailer. Neither are feasible for the department’s use any longer according to Street Department Superintendent Travis Goodwill. The money generated from the sale will be used for purchase of another trailer that is more feasible.

• Council approved the advancement of Officer William Goff to full-time police officer position.

• Water Department Superintendent Tom Sauerbrey reported there were several water line breaks in town. One of the breaks resulted in a million gallon water loss.

• Mayor and Fiscal Officer Lisa Stiteler recently attended an Economic Forecast program at Kent State to learn more about economic growth for the village.

• Council approved attendance of a council member to attend the Local Government Service Annual Conference March 22-23.

• Council approved the promotion of Chris Belt to Assistant Street Superintendent.

• A Newcomerstown village website contract with Michael Wise was discussed. Council needs to decide whether they want to have a website incorporated into the current Newcomerstown that is managed by Wise, or to have a completely different website that is not linked to another.

• Telephone contract was approved for Pioneer Computer. The contract with Pioneer will save the village money.

• Second reading given on Ordinance #01-2018 concerning continuation of using RITA for management of the village income tax.

• Valta Energy will be the new contract lender (for 25 year contract) concerning the solor panel project that will operate the water department in the very near future. The solar panels have been ordered, and received, and are in storage awaiting installation.

• Gas card options for village employees was discussed. The three options are RJ Wright, Wex and BP.

The next regular council session is scheduled for Feb. 19.