Newcomerstown Middle School officials announced the January "Students of the Month" are Jayson Sanders, Ellie Foster and Taylor Moger.

Here is what the school submitted for each student:

Congratulations to Jayson Sanders! The Sixth Grade Team has nominated him as the Student of the Month for January 2018. His teachers were unanimous in their decision to select Jayson as Student of the Month. They feel that Jayson is an outstanding student, a hard worker who puts tremendous effort into his school work. In addition to this, Jayson is an extremely helpful classmate who enjoys assisting students who need extra help. Jayson is the son of Richard and Beth Sanders. Jayson’s favorite class is Science because he finds it interesting. If Jayson were the principal of NMS, he would create a knockout class. Jayson’s hobbies include playing basketball and watching television. Some more fun facts about Jayson are that he has 3 pet dogs, named Buddy, Harlee, and Oliver; his favorite meal is pizza; the last movie he watched was Pitch Perfect 3; his all-time favorite book is Aliens Ate My Homework; he doesn't feel he could live without his family; his favorite celebrity is Von Miller; his worst fear is snakes; and if he were invisible, he would enjoy scaring everyone. The best piece of advice that Jayson has ever received was from his mother who said, "Treat others how you want to be treated." So far in his life, Jayson’s greatest achievement is earning all A’s. In the future, Jayson hopes to be inducted into the Newcomerstown Middle School Honor Society.

Ellie Foster, 7th grade daughter of Bracken and Kimberly Foster, was chosen by her teachers as their Student of the Month for January for many reasons. She comes to school each day with a great attitude and is ready to learn. She also gives her best effort in everything she does, often doing more than is required. In addition, she shows integrity by doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Her teachers appreciate having her in their classes. Ellie's favorite class this year is history because it is one of her best subjects and it interests her. Her hobbies include dance, reading, swimming and drawing. If she were principal, she would give out free desserts at least twice a week during lunch. Some more fun facts about Ellie are that she has no pets; her favorite meal is her mom's taquitos; her all-time favorite books are the Mark of the Lion series; her worst fear is stink bugs ("Why do they even exist?," she asks); and if she could have a super power, she would choose the ability to always know what to say and when to say it, because people shouldn't have to feel alone. So far in life, Ellie feels her greatest accomplishment has been attaining a 100% on the state history test in the 6th grade, and the best advice she's received came from her mom (she thinks...), who told her, " Everything happens for a reason." In the future, Ellie hopes to be a better person.

The eighth grade teachers selected Taylor Moger as their Student of the Month for January because they love having her in their classes. She is a model student in terms of paying attention in class, having her work completed, truly caring about her grades, and growing as a student. Taylor is always willing to lend a hand when someone is in need of help. If she continues down this same path, (which her teachers are quite certain that she will), Taylor has a very bright future ahead of her. Her teachers would like to thank her for all that she does. Taylor, daughter of Tim and Nora Moger, enjoys writing stories, reading, and designing stuff in her spare time, and American History is her favorite class this year because she likes learning about the past. If she were the principal, Taylor would stop bullying and make the school safe for everyone. Some more fun facts about Taylor are that she has no pets; the last movie she saw was Sharknado; her all-time favorite books are the Twilight Series; her favorite celebrity is Adam Levine; she feels her strengths include being friendly and helpful; she doesn't feel she could live without her family; her worst fear is death, and if she were invisible, she would enjoy doing anonymous good deeds. So far, Taylor feels her greatest achievement has been getting straight A's in school, and the best advice she's received came from her mom, who said, "Always value yourself." In the future, Taylor hopes to become a veterinarian.