Shortly before last Christmas I was reading Isaiah 9:6 and 7 which predicts the coming of Christ. As I read the first part of Verse 7 which says, Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end…, it seemed I could almost see not just the words, but what they said; what they meant. I could see the increase of His government and peace.

As I searched for a definition of government I find that here it could mean recognized rulership, eternal, and the one I like best is, absolute and final under Christ. To me peace means a calmness and security in knowing Jesus.

I know that the rule of Christ is eternal and His peace is never ending. I know too, that today many refuse to accept Him, His rulership and His peace. One day they will see the truth and I just pray it’s not too late. But even today there is an increase in His government and His peace. Many souls are being saved and learning of that peace that comes with their new salvation. In Christians the peace is growing, and their faith is stronger. I believe the number of lives where a relationship with Him is growing and becoming more real; where He is allowed to reign, is changing minute by minute. As Christians we must do our part to feed and nurture this new growth. I must help to prepare the field for a harvest that will surely come.

I know that one day Jesus will return, even as His Word says. Not all that happens in the last days will be pleasant, but in the end all who have their names in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be taken to spend eternity with Christ. I pray your name can be found there.

It’s a blessing to know that His government is eternal, His peace will never end, and that it can begin today.