Thursday evening Brother Boyle spoke briefly about the children’s ministry here at the church. He talked about the bus kids, the homes that many come from, and the blessing of seeing them find the Lord. He spoke of the dream he has for the bus ministry and the kids who ride the buses.

As Brother Boyle spoke I was reminded of a sermon I heard earlier that day by Pastor Rick Sowell. As he spoke about the fact that God can and will save anyone, he mentioned that often times we meet someone who is dirty, poorly dressed, may be diseased or contagious with something we don’t want to catch so we turn away. Then he made a statement that really touched my heart. He said the God of comfort will pick this one up as a mother may pick up a small child and hold them close. I saw my God picking up the one I turned away from, holding her close, despite the filth and disease. With His arms around her He forgives her sins, saves her soul, and loves her as a Father loves His child. She is now my newly born sister.

I remembered the young girls that were baptized Sunday. Two of them ride the bus. I thought of the courage it took for them to walk into the baptismal waters and take this stand for Christ. I believe God will continue a work in their lives as His Word promises He will. I pray God will give them the courage and wisdom, even beyond their years, to witness to their family. I pray we as a church will encourage them in the new walk they have only begun.

Later that evening Jr. Haley asked us to write down the name of one person we would like to see saved. He asked how far we were willing to go to bring the Gospel to that one. I wonder now how many of our bus kids had their names written down that night.

What a blessing to know that I can add to my list of names daily bringing each one to God for a touch that only He can offer.