COLUMBUS – The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has launched a new safety campaign focused on preventing slips, trips, falls, overexertions and driving related accidents in Ohio.

These accidents make up approximately 60 percent of all serious BWC claims each year, in addition to being major drivers of injuries in the home.

The campaign uses a classic symbol of protection — guardian angels — and humor to get Ohioans thinking about their own safety at work and at home.

"This campaign builds on our popular safety programming for employers by talking directly with Ohioans about good safety behaviors," said BWC Administrator/CEO Sarah Morrison. "Instead of scaring or shaming individuals into being safe, we have taken a humorous approach to the subject to get Ohioans talking about safety in a positive way."

Recent BWC data show that males have the highest number of claims and highest average claim cost compared to other demographics.

It’s human nature to think that accidents will never happen to you, therefore, many of those most at risk for injury through slips, trips, falls, overexertions and driving related accidents do not have safety and injury prevention top-of-mind throughout the day.

With the latest safety campaign, BWC is taking a stand to change these attitudes and behaviors so that people have a safety mindset throughout the day, wherever they may be.

"Our mission at BWC is to protect Ohio’s workers and employers through the prevention, care and management of workplace injuries and illnesses," continued Morrison. "What better way to show we care about the safety and well-being of all Ohioans than to start a conversation on safe behaviors?

"We want people to really think about how they are in control of their own safety and are the first line of defense to prevent injuries that would cause them to lose work or take them out of their normal day-to-day lives."

The campaign will feature a 30-second TV spot with two beleaguered, blue-collar guardian angels in a break room comparing notes on how overworked they are thanks to the unsafe behaviors of their respective humans.

The behaviors, while humorously portrayed, are things many people have done without really thinking, such as standing on an unsteady chair to change a lightbulb and driving while drowsy.

That theme carries over to other elements of the campaign such as online videos with short safety messages. The campaign uses the tagline, "If you don’t care about your safety, who will?"

Elements of the campaign will run over the next year during major-league MLB, NBA and NHL games on Fox Sports Ohio, as well as in many minor-league ballparks. The campaign also has a digital advertising element with videos that will appear on YouTube, Pandora, and other major websites.

The $2 million campaign was developed in conjunction with Fahlgren Mortine, a Columbus-based, integrated marketing and communications agency.

Last spring, BWC announced that it would be developing the campaign as part of a $44 million investment in safety. That investment also included Better You, Better Ohio!TM, a new wellness program for small employers, as well as the expansion of safety grants for firefighters and workers who care for the disabled.

Ohioans can learn more about the campaign by visiting