WEST LAFAYETTE — During the recent West Lafayette council meeting, Mayor Stephen Bordenkircher reported that the village is seeking village resident’s input concerning the future of the village’s water service. A public meeting concerning the village’s water supply being provided by the City of Coshocton will be held in the Ridgewood High School auditorium on Tuesday evening, March 27.

Bordenkircher said that only basic questions would be answered Tuesday night, and that complex, detailed questions would be researched, and answers publicly released at a later time.

The pending plan is for water to be supplied by Coshocton, and delivered via a water line running from Coshocton to West Lafayette, and the water would be ran through West Lafayette’s water filter system before being distributed to water customers.

Mayor Bordenkircher said that the village wants the residents input on the topic as the decision could impact the village’s future. One of the pros to having water service provided by City of Coshocton would be that the village would not have to spend more money to replace the village’s current aging water system. Replacing the system could lead to higher water service rates, adding more taxes.

Mayor Bordenkircher said that the village has recently been made aware of some misconceptions being circulated throughout the community. One of the misconceptions being circulated is that if the village accepts the plan to have water service delivered by Coshocton, that it would lead to the closing of the baseball field that is nearby the village’s water treatment plant. Mayor Bordenkircher said that there would be no threat of the baseball field being closed if the village approves the water service being delivered from Coshocton. He said that the village may possibly even have more of a chance for some future improvements at the ball field if the village would no longer have the expenses with maintaining the water treatment plant.

Other items discussed during the March 26 regular session included:

• Jay Davis, West Lafayette Rotary, discussed a plan for Rotary to provide live planters for Main Street via a donation through a special grant. The planters would be maintained by the Rotary.

• The village is planning a community clean-up sometime possibly in May. Further details will be announced at a later date.

• Hydrant flushing in the village will begin on April 9.

• Trees and stumps are currently being removed at the cemetery on Johnson Road.

• Mayor Bordenkircher reported that a study is to be done concerning improvements, and re- growth of business for the village. A business development public meeting was held earlier last week, and several ideas presented on how to possibly improve growth for West Lafayette. One idea suggested adding some businesses and community development closer to State Route 36, near the flow of traffic as a way to get more revenue.

• The West Lafayette Homecoming is planned for July 26-28, 2018. The theme chosen is The Wild, Wild West. Assistant Fire Chief, Damon Gould will be the grand marshal for this year’s Homecoming parade.

• Council approved adding a renewal levy on the May ballot for the park board.

The next regular council session is scheduled for April 9, 2018.