CLEVELAND (AP) — An Ohio man accused of killing his lover and burying her in a vacant field three years ago after she pepper-sprayed and tried to rob him at a motel has been sentenced to 23 years in prison. reports prosecutors didn’t reveal the circumstances of 19-year-old Tierra Bryant’s death until Monday, when 40-year-old Rashan Hunt was sentenced. The Elyria (eh-LEER‘-ee-uh) man pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter, which applies to a killing after serious provocation from the victim.

Defense lawyers say Hunt shoved Bryant after being pepper-sprayed and ran to a sink to wash his eyes, then returned to find her dead because she hit her head on a doorjamb when she was shoved.

Authorities say Hunt then schemed to hide the killing. Bryant’s remains weren’t found until two years later.

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