"I cannot boast of riches, no treasures do I hold. But I have this blessed promise, someday I’ll walk on gold." These are words from the song that Jed Cleghorn sang last Sunday morning. It’s called "Someday I’ll Walk on Gold," and it goes on to say "And though here below I may be just a pauper, someday I’ll walk on gold."

This reminded me of Revelation 21:21 which says …and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.

I couldn’t help but think of the many people who search for extreme riches in this life. They work, struggle, scheme, and even fight to gain and accumulate great material worth. It seems they believe this to be rich. Gold is a most treasured and prized possession. They would never dream of walking on their ‘gold.’

Yet in Heaven I will walk on gold. And it’s not because of anything I have done. It’s not because of any worldly wealth I might have gained but it is only because the street in the New Jerusalem is gold. Read Revelation 21:21 again. It’s because Christ Jesus is my Savior; God is my Father and I will live there with Him.

I don’t have riches in this life but I wouldn’t trade the treasures of the world for what I do have. I have the promise of spending eternity in a mansion in Heaven; a mansion not made with hands. And I will be blessed again and again to walk on that beautiful street of gold.

Maybe I can tell the rich of this world that there’s a better way to store up treasures.

A street of gold is only one of the many blessings I so look forward to when this life is over.