I’m giving an invitation to all!

Please come and learn about the New Testament church in the Bible. There is to be a series of gospel meetings, Sunday 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., and Monday through Wednesday, 7 p.m., April 15-18.

There is a pattern for the church that God expects us to follow. Notice there are no denominations in the Bible. You will learn how to become a Christian so that the Lord will add you to His church, Acts 2:47.

The apostle Paul said, "Let there be no division among you," 1 Corinthians, chapter one, verse ten. Think how powerful the church would be, if we would all become one in Christ!

The church building is on the corner of Elizabeth St. and Goodrich, just behind the Dairy Queen. We do not pass a collection plate. Hope to see you there!

Romans 16:16, the churches of Christ salute you!

Jeannine Gaumer