(These names are taken from the Newcomerstown Rotary Club calendar. To add a name to this list, email it to nctnews@newcomerstown-news.com at least two weeks before the birthday.)

April 17 - Madison Cunningham, Betty Fries

April 18 - John Hendershot II

April 19 - Dave Seibert, Molly McCrone DeLong, Lisa Miskimen, Connie Shaw, Roger Long

April 20 - Heather Brookhover, Tanya Shortt

April 21 - Bobby McGarry

April 22 - Larry Prysi

April 23 - Shawnda Shannon

Birthdays from the previous week were not included in last week’s Newcomerstown News:

April 11 - Libby Bricker, Laurna Brown, Randy McMillen

April 12 - Greg Ault

April 13 - Harold George, Ceri Cadle

April 14 - Keeley Mason, Jordan Watson

April 15 - Natalie Miller, Dan Welch

April 16 - Jodie Smith, Tyler Mason, Joy Hacker, Mike Mayo, Dee Stocker