Newcomerstown Middle School recently named the "Students of the Month" for March: Keiona Warren, Austin Beckett and Caitlin Green.

Following are the submissions for each student from the Middle School.

Congratulations to Keiona Warren?! The s?ixth ?gra??de ?t?eam nominated her as the?ir? ?Student of ??t?he ?Month for March 2018. Her teachers have? numerous comments to share about their star student? for this month. ?First of all, ?Keiona?, daughter of ?Thomas and Amber Cathcar?t, ?is a ?real ?pleasure to have in class! She is a hard-working young lady?, who ?always tries her best and is willing to put forth the effort to do well in school. ?Her teachers encourage Keiona to keep up the good work, and want her to know they are very proud of her! Her hobbies include basketball, cheer, drawing, coloring, and swimming. Keiona’s favorite class this year is English Language Arts because she loves to read and write. If Keiona were the principal, she would be very strict on bullying. Some? ?fun facts about Keiona are that she currently has no pets; her favorite meal is tacos; the last movie she watched was ??"Homefront?"?; her all-time favorite book is Harry Potter; her favorite celebrity is Stephen Curry; her worst fear is drowning; and her biggest pet peeve is someone chewing with his/her mouth open. The best piece of advice she has ever received was from her father, who said, "Pain is just a weakness leaving the body." So far in life, Keiona’s greatest accomplishment is this honor of making ?Student of the ?M?onth?, March? 2018. In the future, she hopes to become a pediatrician.

?The 7th grade teachers selected Austin Beckett as their March Student of the Month because he is a great example of a model student, and his teachers enjoy having him in their classes. He shows respect to everyone he encounters, and in every class, he strives to do his best. Austin, son of Susan Beckett, lists math as his favorite class this year because he gets to solve problems, and in his spare time, he enjoys riding four-wheelers. If he were the principal, he would make sure there was no fighting among students. Some fun facts about Austin are that he has one pet, a dog named Mia; his favorite meal is pizza; the last movie he saw was "Wonder"; his all-time favorite book is Goosebumps; his worst fear is losing his friends; his pet peeve is his sisters picking on him; and if he could possess a super power, it would be invisibility, so he could see if people were picking on others. So far in life, he feels his greatest accomplishment has been earning good grades, and in the future he hopes to get a good job. The best piece of advice Austin has ever received came from his grandpa, who told him, "Treat people the way you want to be treated."

?Caitlin Green, 8th grade daughter of Ryan and Christie Green, was chosen by her teachers as their March Student of the Month because she is an exceptional student with incredible dedication to her education. She is such a joy to have in class, always doing what is expected of her, as well as being willing to put in the time outside of school that it takes to study and push herself to always do her best. These are traits that she takes into all realms of life. Her strong work ethic can be seen in areas outside of school, such as 4-H and her extra curricular activities, where she has also excelled and continues to push herself in the pursuit of personal growth. In her spare time, Caitlin enjoys running, dancing, reading, swimming, 4-H, drawing, band, and pole vaulting?. Her favorite class is ELA because she loves to read and write, and additionally, she enjoys the daily Harry Potter references by her teacher, Mr. Kiner. If she were principal for a day, Caitlin would ?designate one day a month for a school-wide dodgeball tournament. Some more fun facts about Caitlin are that she has 3 pets? - ?a dog named Zoey, and two goats, named Duke and Delilah; her favorite meal is ?a ?pork burger from the fair (appropriately so?!?); the last movie she watched was Every Day; her all-time favorite book is The Land of Stories; ?her favorite celebrity is Emma Watson; she feels her strengths include working hard and helping others; her worst fear is peanut butter; ?and she doesn't feel she could live without cookie dough. If Caitlin were invisible, she would yell "Boo!" at Karena quite often. The best piece of advice that Caitlin feels she has ever received came from Coach Addy, who said, "Just keep swinging." Her greatest achievement has been breaking the pole vault records, and in the future, she hopes to pole vault for Ohio State University, and become either a teacher or an author (...maybe both?).