I don’t remember if it was words in a song or a statement that was made, but I recently heard it said that we should consume ourselves with knowing Jesus Christ. Since consume can mean to use up or exhaust I believe this could mean to use all the strength, energy, power, and knowledge I have getting to know Jesus. Learning to know someone could mean to spend time with that person, talking to people who already know Him, reading about His life, and helping in His life’s work. Maybe it means to do all that I can and use all that I have to know this man Jesus, searching and giving until there is no more to give. I would allow the thought of knowing Him to consume, use up, or exhaust me, totally. My life would have no other meaning. I’ve never known anyone to be this consumed with knowing or serving Him but it does create a picture of one who is even past totally committed to knowing Jesus. Can I allow this desire to have complete reign in my life or will I continue to drift away after other dreams?

What will I do when the concerns of this life need attention? Can I combine this desire to know Him with the life He has given me to live today? Can I continue to learn about Him, serving Him in the way He directs while sharing what I have learned with others?

Maybe consume simply means to always keep Him, His will, and His Word first in all that I do. I’m sure it would mean to share my knowledge with those around me. Through all this I could continue to learn about Him, thereby knowing Him better and loving Him more every day.

It’s a blessing to know that there is a way to be consumed by God’s will and His love.