PORT WASHINGTON — Council met recently and agreed to install a dusk to dawn light at the Bates T-Ball Field.

Council members learned the concrete pad has been poured for the new concession at the Bates Field and agreed to check on costs of running electric to the concession stand.

Council also:

• Agreed to budget money for 2019 to recoat the copper top of the Historical Society Building.

• Heard the Delaware Fire Department received $2,500 for grass fire gear.

• Hired Penny Hooper as Park caretaker for the scheduling of pavilion rentals for the 2018 summer season. She will be paid $400 for the entire season

• Hired John Bourne for mowing services at minimum cost of $25 per hour. Bourne will only service the properties in violation of the mowing ordinance. All of these mowing services that Bourne performs will be assessed to the property owners real estate taxes which will be reimbursed to the village.

• Learned that Memorial Day service events will begin at noon.

The next meeting is 7 p.m.on May 1.