I wonder how many times I have heard a story that began "Once upon a time," and ended with, "She lived happily ever after?" I heard a song a few days ago which reminded me that maybe my story did begin, as the song says, "Once upon a hill." And, yes, it will end with, "She lived happily ever after."

Once upon a hill Jesus died for me. He hung on a cross, suffered pain, humiliation, and anguish such as I will never know as He died, shedding His blood for my sins. Once upon a hill Jesus paid the penalty that should have been mine. Jesus died on Golgotha’s hill, was buried, but arose on the third day leaving the way open for me to live happily ever after. Now because He lives, I too will live. If my story was written it would probably end as I enter the gates of that wonderful city where I will live forever in a mansion not built by hands; where I will walk the street of gold described in God’s Word. In a place where I will spend eternity praising my Lord and Savior, who made it all possible because of His great love.

Did my story really begin on a hill? No it didn’t. I believe my story began before the foundation for this earth was even laid. What began, for me, on that hill was only another chapter in my life. A chapter that paved the way for me to be saved and to have my name added to the Lamb’s Book of Life. The blood that was shed there made a way for me to become a new creature in Christ.

Where did your story begin? How will it end? Are there chapters yet to be written? It’s not too late to make changes and corrections.

I thank God for the blessing of Calvary where Jesus died, "Once upon a hill."