I saw the sign on our newest church bus that says, "Stand Up For Jesus. Sit Down On the Bus." This reminded me of a coffee cup I have that says, "Stand For the Flag. Kneel For The Cross." Truly there is a time to stand, a time to sit, and a time to kneel.

I do stand for the flag. I appreciate and respect this country and the freedom that I enjoy here. To me, the flag represents that freedom and the ones who gave so it could be mine.

To sit on the bus is a privilege. I remember many years ago when I needed to depend on public transportation. Quite often the buses were full and people would need to stand. Hand holds were available but it was not the safest or most convenient way to ride. To sit is more comfortable, safer and, I believe, shows respect for the driver.

Then too, I want always to stand for Jesus. He stood for me, making a way that I could be free of the sins in my life. The cross will always be a reminder of the death that He suffered for me. To kneel at the cross, at the feet of Jesus, allowing the blood that He shed on that cross to wash me clean is an honor beyond explanation. I truly love the times when I can kneel before His throne to leave my burdens, troubles, and cares. It’s there I go to thank Him for answers and blessings to many to count. Spiritual freedom is mine only because He died and rose again.

It’s a blessing to stand for Jesus, for the flag, to kneel at the cross, and yes, even to sit on the bus.