Are you looking for your roots, and don’t know where to find them? I know spring has finally here, but I am not referring to the roots of your perennial plants! I am talking about your family roots (family history). Well, if you already knew what I was referring to and answered yes, look no further! Help is here.

Local historian Elaine (Patterson) Mayenschein is available to get you started in pursuing your family history, also familiarly known as genealogy. Mayenschein, assists with the local history department at the Newcomerstown Public Library, and is holding genealogy sessions at the library on the second and third Saturday each month, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. She is also generally at the library on Wednesdays working on the local history binders, and files that the library has available for patrons to view, and assist them with their local history research.

Gerry Little, a resident of Newcomerstown, and a local history enthusiast, has spent many hours compiling several extensive binders of pictures, clippings and information concerning Newcomerstown’s past, mainly focusing on the businesses that once lined the streets of the business district. Little has donated copies of his binders to the library which can be viewed in the local history department. While none of the local history binders can be checked out of the library, patrons can view and copy items of interest. The library has a copier on the premises, with the cost of the copies being very minimal.

Mayenschein said the interest in local history, and genealogy has increased in the past several years, and she has several regular persons who assist her in working on the binders on Wednesdays. Danny Gay and Linda Quillen are two of the individuals who have been instrumental in helping Mayenschein while working on their own family genealogy.

The history group is planning several local history "field trips" around the streets of Newcomerstown within the next few months to study some of the buildings, and sites of former structures that were once located in town. The field trips will be announced in the near future.

Mayenschein is looking for individuals who may have old pictures, scrapbooks, maps, land plots, deeds, or anything pertaining to Newcomerstown. While the history department would be grateful to have the original pictures or documents, they will gladly accept copies. The items can be brought into the library on Wednesdays or Saturdays, or Mayenschein will arrange to pick up the items, copy, and return them to the owner within the same week, unharmed. Mayenshcein also welcomes copies of family genealogy to add to the genealogy binder collection. Mayenschein can be reached at the library at 740-498-8228. If leaving a message for her, please be sure to include name, home phone number/ or cell, and email if available.