Newcomerstown Middle School recently announced its "Students of the Month" for April. Following is the information submitted for those students.

Congratulations to Josh Nation! The Sixth Grade Team has nominated him as Student of the Month for April 2018. The sixth grade teachers are proud to share some facts about their star student for the month of April. Josh is a sweet and polite young man, who is always well behaved in the classroom. Josh also works well with his peers, and he is always willing to help others. He is a reliable student who can be trusted to do what is right. Josh, son of Mike and JoEllen Nation, says his favorite class is math, because math is the easiest class for him. If Josh were the principal, he would make sure the school had good food and smart teachers. In his spare time, Josh enjoys working on small engines and racing RC trucks. Some more fun facts about Josh are that he has three pets - cats named Gizzy and Roar, and a dog named Growler; his favorite meal is pizza; the last movie she watched was "Dirt"; he feels one of his strengths is his ability to run; he doens't really have an all-time favorite book just yet; he doesn't feel he could live without food; his favorite celebrity is Vin Diesel; his worst fear is snakes; and if he were invisible, he would excel at hide and seek! The best piece of advice that he has ever received was from his mom and dad who said, "Think smarter, not harder, and always make good decisions." In his life, his greatest achievement was saving his grandpa’s life at the age of 4. In the future, Josh hopes to become rich. Congratulations and keep up the great work! Your teachers are very proud of you, Josh!

Julie Ostrow, 7th grade granddaughter of Steve and Linda Myers, was chosen by her teachers as their Student of the Month for April, because she is an excellent student. Her teachers appreciate her ever-present smile and positive attitude. They also value her hard work ethic and her willingness to help her classmates. Julie's enjoys talking to friends and drawing, and says her favorite class this year is Art, because she enjoys drawing and seeing what she can create. If she were the principal, she would have a 'No Homework' policy. Some more fun facts about Julie are that she has one dog and two cats; her favorite meal is Christmas dinner; the last movie she saw was "Pitch Perfect 3"; her all-time favorite book is Awkward; her favorite celebrity is Charlie Puth; she doesn't like spiders, snakes, or heights; and her pet peeve is whe people interrupt the teacher. The best piece of advice Julie has received so far came from the book/movie Wonder, and it was Auggie who said, "Everyone deserves a standing ovation." So far in life, Julie feels her greatest accomplishment has been getting all of her work done and earning good grades. If she could possess a super power, she would choose mind reading, because she thinks it would be super cool to know what people are thinking. In the future, Julie hopes to attend college and receive a degree.

Eighth-grader Michaela Miller has been selected by her teachers to be their Student of the Month for April because she is a wonderful student who gives incredible effort in all of her classes. She is always pleasant and respectful. Michaela is a good role model for her academic performance and the respect she shows to students and staff. She is a true pleasure to have in class. Michaela is the daughter of Tonya Naylor and Michael Miller and her hobbies include drawing and painting. Her favorite class this year is Spanish I, because she enjoys learning about different places. If she were the principal, she would do her best to ensure that the last day of school is really fun for all. Some more fun facts about Michaela are that she has three pets - cats named Angie and Annie, and a dog named Abby; her favorite meal is tacos; the last movie she saw was "Pitch Perfect 3"; she feels her strengths include math and computers; her all-time favorite book is Confessions of a Murder Suspect; she doesn't feel she could live without her friends; her favorite celebrity is Shawn Mendes; her worst fear is dying in her sleep; and if she were invisible, she would enjoy pranking people. The best advice Michaela has received thus far came from her grandmother, who told her, "You can do anything if you work hard toward it." She feels her greatest achievement has been earning second place in a math tournament. In the future, Michaela hopes to become a vet.