I have been thinking a lot the last couple of weeks about a sign I read that said, "Everyone is on Heaven’s Most Wanted List." My first thought was sure until they are saved, because we know God’s Word says He doesn’t want anyone to perish.

But what about after I was saved? Now I see a wanted poster with my name but it seems the words change almost daily. First it was that God wanted me to be saved. Then He wanted me to grow. I have read that God wants me to study, learn, serve, and love others. He wants me to come out from the world and walk closer to Him. He wants me to leave my cares with Him, and trust Him always. Now I need to tell others of His mercy and saving grace. I believe, too, that He wants me to encourage my sisters in Christ.

As I read further I find that it is not all about what God wants from me. There is much He wants to add to my life. I see that He wants to carry my burdens, hold my hand, walk with me, and light my pathway. He offers me extra strength, friends, and new grace when it’s needed. One poster said He wants to forgive me, again. The love He offers is almost overwhelming and I am truly excited to see what tomorrows poster will say.

Now I see many posters and though I can’t make out the names I believe it is true, everyone is on Heaven’s most wanted list. These posters offer no bounty and no one is captured. True freedom comes only with complete surrender.

It’s a blessing to know that God is my Father, and that He wants me in His will enjoying the blessings of a surrendered, obedient life.