(These names are taken from the Newcomerstown Rotary Club calendar. To add a name to this list, email it to nctnews@newcomerstown-news.com at least two weeks before the birthday.)

May 22 - Brian Harstine, Floyd McCormick.

May 23 - Ryan Hendershot, Fletcher McIntire, Tristen Durr

May 25 - Amy Mace, Kennedy Welch, Kristen Stoffer

May 26 - Whitney Wright

May 27 - Stephani Kinsey Neighbor, Mitch Bricker

May 28 - Todd Arnold

Birthdays from the previous week included:

May 16 - Kathy McNutt, Michael Gibson

May 18 - Orlan Harding, John Powell, Britni Williams

May 19 - Andrea Emrick, Seely Clark Welch

May 20 - Laura Weinzimmer

May 21 - Grant Brubaker, Sara Miller