So often blessings come to me through the words of a song, what I have heard in a message, saw on a sign or read in a book. I am thankful that God uses these ways to show me or help me have a better understanding of His Word and His love.

I have listened several times to a song called, "Nails in a Carpenter’s Hands." The song says in part, "There the plan got underway and the church still stands today that began with nails in a carpenter’s hands." Jesus ordained, ordered and designed the first church.

No, it was not built or held together with the nails from His hands. I believe those nails did play a part in the growth of the church because though they did not keep Him on the cross, they did hold His physical body to the tree. His death on the cross, when His blood was shed, is when sin’s debt was paid in full, for me, and for you. That blood is still saving souls today, allowing the church to grow. That church truly does still stand today and will continue to stand.

Jesus said in Matthew 16:18, "… I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." I believe we are told in I Peter chapter 2 that Christians are the church.

The nails in Jesus’ hands did not build the church, yet they were a most important part of the crucifixion which allowed for the salvation of all mankind. Christians still being saved today are growing the church, adding to the body, doing the work of the church, and the Lord. It’s the church the song refers to that began with nails in a carpenter’s hands.

It’s a blessing to be a part of the church that God started so many years ago; the church that still stands today, and will continue to stand tomorrow.