I listened to one of Pastor Rick Sowell’s messages recently and he made a statement that caught my attention. He said, "Love is caring continually without interruption."

So often I have tried to explain what love is and I believe this is the plainest, most concise explanation I have heard. I like it. It’s caring about someone with no pause, disruption, disturbance, or intrusion. It means that whatever circumstances I encounter, my love will not change. When trials come and my prayers seemingly go unanswered, my love for God will continue. When things don’t go my way, the love will still be there. When a child’s behavior is not what I expected, I will still care. When a confidence is broken will the love of friends remain? When there is outside interference will I allow it to pass without disturbing my love? And if it didn’t weather the storm, was it really love?

I know of one love that truly is caring continually, and there has never been an interruption. It’s the love that Jesus has shown to me. God’s love for me has always been and always will be. When I am at my worst, His love is there to encourage, strengthen, or comfort me in my need. God’s love is never ending, knows no bounds, and never weakens. During a crisis when I need all the love He can give, there is still an abundant supply for all who call Him Father. His love is the one thing I can’t live without. I pray that you, too, are enjoying this Father’s love.

It’s a blessing to know that in His great love He will always be there, caring continually without interruption.