Baughman Township — Andrew J. and Lindsay R. Crum to Paul J. Kelby, 6155 Dalton Fox Lake Road, $139,000.

Brandon M. and Madeline J. Byler to Timothy J. Babak, 26 Monique Circle, $167,000.

Francoise Sauers to Timothy J. and Kristy L. McCartney, 745 Lehman St., $116,900.

Mint Brook Meadow Teas Ltd. to GWF Properties LLC, Burton City Road, $146,845.

Canaan Township — Carol E. Cochrell to Danny and Jennifer Fatheree, 895 W. Britton Road, $147,000.

Matthew L. and Amy A. Frary to Robert K. Becke and Patti J. Aviles, 14860 Friendsville Road, $420,000.

Rebecca M. and David A. Gurecky to Kevin L. and Kathy A. Strother, trustees, 8695 Ridge Road, $195,000.

S & B Industrial Minerals North America Inc. to Mark and Judy A. Pine, 29 Depot St., $5,000.

Chester Township — Rebecca and Donald L. Hershey to Trent and Andrea Hershey, 10072 W. Smithville Western Road, $150,000.

The Wilderness Center Inc. to James K. III and Ashley A. Lindeman, Lattasburg Road, $225,000.

Chippewa Township — Joseph S. Chuhi to James E. and Kathy L. Hassinger, 11896 Rogues Hollow Road, $159,900.

Thomas A. and Christine E. Wilkens to Kenneth B. Jett, 17955 Galehouse Road, $226,000.

Gregory S. and Lisa M. Hanna to Carolyn K. Hartzler, trustee, 9727 Etling Drive, $333,000.

Clinton Township — Stephen D. and Freda M. Myer to Edward J. Gard, 109 Nathaniel Drive, $125,000.

Thomas K. and Virginia L. Hostettler to Joshua D. Bevington and Kayla M. Raines, 246 E. Wood St., $65,000.

Congress Township — Joan K. Hinerman to Robert D. and Luann Rainsberger, 26 Par Ave., $140,000.

Steven J. Venus and Michele R. Dawson to Jennifer L. Underwood, 15436 Franchester Road, $143,000.

John D. Money II to Red Rose Properties LLC, 81 W. Buckeye St., $45,000.

Doylestown — 400 Collier Drive LLC to C.C. Williams & Company LLC, 400 Collier Road, $204,000.

East Union Township — Sharon Royer to Aaron E. and Nettie J. Troyer, Lautenschlager Road, $45,000.

Jay M. Schlabach and Chelsea R. Colbert to Joshua L. Schlabach, 4953 Dover Road, $95,000.

Abner J. Schlabach to Troyland Properties LLC, 4219 S. Kansas Road, $330,000.

Robert M. Marthey to Tyler G. and Jordan P. Marthey, 8667 Dover Road, $27,500.

Darlene Root to Bethany N. Vankirk, 299 E. Main St., $80,000.

Franklin Township — John M. and Miriam Shetler to Enos J. and Leora E. Shetler, Harrison Road, $200,000.

Sandra M. Lastohkein, trustee to Scott and Loretta Smail, 3299 Evans Road, $400,000.

George W. and Lisa M. Wyatt to Wendi M. Messner, 1580 Sherck Blvd., $216,100.

Bryor Ridge Properties Ltd. to Sulphur Springs Holdings LLC, Warring Cross, $80,000.

Warren D. and Kimberly S. Williams to Mark A. and Margaret K. Luhring, 73 W. Moreland Road, $99,500.

Green Township — Linda Lilley to Tyler Grain & Fertilizer Company, 3522 Eby Road, $95,000.

Debra J. Pittard to Brett M. and Elizabeth M. Besancon, 7033 Rohrer Road, $275,000.

Robert Elvey, trustee to Peter F. and Denise A. Euse, trustees, 115 Wilson Ave., $145,000.

William P. and Diane S. Hardman to Aimee L. Johns and Linda A. Enderle, 152 Carter Grove Drive, $224,000.

George S. Ross and Kristen L. Jones to Logan A. Troxell, 5944 Akron Road, $84,000.

Julie A. Goldstein to Kenneth M. Goldstein, 4766 Egypt Road, $110,000.

Ryan M. and Alison R. Suppes to Daniel and Dawn Wagner, Moss Creek Circle, $25,000.

Orrville — William B. Ogle to Orion 7 LLC, 1430 High St, $474,990.

William B. Ogle to CWP Enterprises LLC, 1430 High St., $250,000

ACM Vision V LLC to Rejoy Properties LLC, 424 W. Paradise St., $32,000.

ARC Cafeusa001 LLC to Alvarez & Sons Realty LLC, 525 N. Main St., $385,000.

Carmen Ltd.LLC to Long Run Investments LLC, 418 S. Vine St., $63,300.

William D. and Donna J. Curie to Bonnie L. LeGeiser, 414 Brandon Court, $105,900.

Ruth Becherucci to Kimberly J. Ross, 1785 Blackberry Lane, $186,000.

Daniel M. and Judith A. Glomb to Constance L. Miller, Carol A. Croskey and Laurel S. Besancon, 1864 Blackberry Lane, $152,000.

Plain Township — Tracy K. Todich to Cody A. and Courtney A. Kasserman, 4494 S. Jefferson Road, $250,000.

Marilyn J. Sparr to Jonathan P. and Leigh A. Lewis, West Lincoln Way, $7,000.

Rittman — Elma J. Dodge to EIB Holdings LLC, 286 W. Sunset Drive, $37,000.

Kenneth M. Morley to Christopher L. and Joelle R. Indermuhle, 115 W. Hill Ave., $84,000.

Marsha L. Woodward, fee and Marilyn E. Hofacre to Kirk W. and Beth A. Ambrose, 290 Rufener St., $145,000.

Aaron Lilly and Nathan Todden to Denise Demerling and Anita Bowman, 403 Terrace Drive, $129,900.

Bradley A. Marks to Warren D. and Kimberly Williams, 103 Washington Ave., $125,500.

Jerry Burton, aka Jerry Arnold, trustee to Tiffany S. and Cory J. Zahradnicek, 122 Greenwood Ave., $122,000.

Gregory S. and Christa M. Marcum to Michael A. and Melody C. Morgan, 100 Joshua Drive, $199,900.

Keith R. Larrimore and Charles M. Larrimore Jr. to Rosemary Brouse, 3 McElwee Court, $74,500.

Salt Creek Township — Emily Zuercher to 77 Property Management LLC, 460 Apple St., $16,500.

William L. Bee to Toop LLC, 120 Wertz Ave., $216,000.

Sugar Creek Township — Celesta J. Ulle to Noe V. Mendez, 129 S. Church St., $89,900.

Bryan S. Kelly to Blake D. and Deborah K. Nussbaum, 330 W. Main St., $25,000.

Amy M. and Sven Koppe to Kevin M. and Holly J. Moody, 669 W. Main St., $154,000.

Joshua W. Edwards to Tamara L. Fox, 504 Burnett Ave., $208,000.

Janee L. Larson to Eddy L. North, 225 Williams St., $129,900.

Wayne Township — James K. and Ashley A. Lindeman to Charles J. and Michele A. Spreng, 3330 Evergreen Drive, $259,900.

Ned R. Rickett to Pagadala L. Spandana, McCauley Road, $55,000.

Rural Estates Ltd. to Chad Williams and Stephanie R. Ogden, 1001 Riffel Road, $47,900.

Robert J. and Lynne Maxwell to Marion Weaver and Aaron Hershberger, 3433 Evergreen Drive, $240,000.

Craig S. and Sabrina A. Aszkler to Heather L. and Dylan G. Fransen, 1267 Hunt Club Drive, $500,000.

Wooster — Judith L. Harland to Wayne D. Flickinger Jr., 434 Spink St., $54,900.

Carl A. Sr. and Mildred E. Yacapraro to Ryan M. and Kelly M. Kuzma, 1037 Washington St., $68,000.

David W. Scott to Linda J. and Thomas R. Guthrie, 1483 Ramblewood Drive, $223,500.

Carol L. Sturges to Nathan A. and Sarah B. Wilds, 1614 Sandalwood Drive, $269,000.

Terry R. Snyder to Community Crossroads Inc., 330 Kurtz St., $126,900.

Edgar C. and Laura H. Moore to Sally A. Craig, 1558 Brentwood Drive, $166,250.

Clear Creek Investments Ltd. to Susan C. Grimm, trustees, 3993 Peabody Place, $39,000.

Mary J. Carson to Rachel L. Eggeman, 2006 Fisher Drive, $117,000.

John P. Vimmerstedt to Stone Church Properties LLC, 215 Reed Road, $103,500.

Laurie L. Buehler to Matthew J. and Holly Wyneski, 1249 Bannock Trail, $650,000.

Deal Land Company LLC to Aspen Building Company LLC, Melrose Drive, $35,000.

Patricia S. Hamblin to Isaac V. and Nancy L. Graham, co-trustees, 725 Belmont Ave., $64,000.

Shawn L. Jackson to Lori A. Caricofe, 663 Lincoln St., $75,000.

KJTR LLC to Tracy E. Hackworth, 2630 Christmas Run Blvd., $162,000.

Kirk A. and Deeann J. George to Mark D. Watts and Candy L. Zimmerman, 624 Kieffer St., $134,900.

Shelby Root to Michelle K. Smith, 2260 Friar Tuck Circle, $129,000.

Neighborhood Development Services Inc. to Shane and Megan Bowman, 1754 Williams Way, $130,000.

April M. Knapp and Natalie A. Braddock to Candace Chenoweth, 4100 Peabody Place, $313,950.

Jia Jingwei to Julie A. Goldstein, 2452 Barrington Way, $139,000.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Mark Braun and Desiree Lutsch, 641 Beechwood Ave., $145,101.

James A. Thomas to Douglas N. Lantry and Peggy J. Lindsey, 713 N. Grant St., $114,900.

Amanda J. Doll to Mark A. Belknap, 155 Miller Blvd., $129,900.

Sherry L. Daugherty to Atlee J. Miller, 826 W. Liberty St., $83,000.

Wooster Township — Hilltop Realty Inc. to Brett M. Smucker and Hannah E. Frost, 1410 Scenic Heights Drive, $39,900.

Ruth M. Aukerman to Brandon R. and Ashley N. Krebs, 829 Dale Drive, $215,000.

Ryan M. Gilson and Ashley L. Jones to Heather N. Gill, 2541 Derick St., $154,000.

Mabel E. Frase to Mark and Jody Armstrong, 3362 Crestview Drive, $85,000.

Brittany M. Kinney and Brittany M. Frontz to Ryan M. and Ashley L. Gilson, 2627 Greenbriar Lane, $230,000.

Holmes County

Berlin Township — Dennis J. and Claire D. Miller to Anna D. Miller, 4853 Township Road 356, $12,640.50.

Clark Township — Joseph U. and Ada A. Miller to Joseph N. Yoder, 4169 and 4167 State Route 557, $250,000.

Hardy Township — Levi B. Sommers to David M. Stoltzfus and Cindi E. Stoltzfus, 7350 Township Road 129, $140,140.

Doran L. and Jolene R. Yoder to Joseph R. and Betty M. Raber, 6851 County Road 68, $550,000.

Killbuck Village — BD Asset Co. to Norman M. Yoder, 180 S. Main St., $18,000.

Millersburg Village — Samuel Brothers Realty to Brian N. Miller, 112 N. Crawford St., $87,500.

Richard E. Dye and Edwin D. Dye to Kirk Land Co., Lot 2, Critchfield Extension, $25,000.

Raymond and Pam Goller to Karen D. Raber, 202 Knolton Drive, $114,500.

John N. and Ashley R. Porter to Barbara A. Miller, 218 Alexander St., $95,000.

Mechanic Township — Atlee A. and Ada Mae Yoder to Joseph U. and Ada A. Miller, 6909 Township Road 129, $190,000.

Elaine A. Barczyk to Jayne E. and Tien V. Le, 2671 Kirchberg Drive, $171,000.

Paint Township — Joseph W. and Diane Sue Mast to Kyle Allen Mast, 7253 State Route 515, $350,000.

Prairie Township — Wayne J. and Viola Yoder to Edward A. Yoder, 10.6710 acres, Township Road 555, $165,400.50.

Mary Wengerd to Melvin J. and Mary Lou Miller, 7691 Township Road 565, $270,000.

Wayne J. and Viola Yoder to Marvin E. and Martha Schlabach, 4.730 acres, Township Road 551, $75,680.

Saltcreek Township — Eddie I. and Emma E. Kline to Marvin J. and Sarah E. Hershberger, 8000 Township Road 611, $250,000.

Droyz to 8050 State Route 241 LLC, 8050 State Route 241, $575,000.

Washington Township — Christopher W. and Anna M. Baker to Matthew J. Muzic and Melissa L. Vannest, 8631 Township Road 475, $219,000.