All my life I have heard people remark that they were at the end of their rope. Then I heard that when I am at the end of my rope I should tie a knot and hang on. But what about when the knot begins to come loose leaving little to hold to. I feel myself slipping toward the end. How long can I hold on, and what happens when I fall?

I have heard several comments recently that reminded me of the rope that connects me to this world, figuratively. I heard a song recently that said in part, "On my way down, I looked up and found Jesus was reaching for me." A young man remarked to me that I miss 100% of the ones I don’t shoot. I heard either in a song or a pastor’s message the words, the only time you fail is the last time you try. From somewhere came these words; If it’s under the blood then you will get over the storm. Keep fighting the battle till the victory is won.

So I tie the knot firm, hold on as tight and as long as I can. I keep fighting the battle, doing what God and His Word tell me to do. I pray for opportunity to witness, and then allow God to speak through me. I follow Him, keeping my eyes on Him with my focus on the task He has set before me. I never give up.

If or when I can no longer hold on or fight the battle, and I feel myself falling, I know I will be caught by the hand of my Savior who is reaching down for me. I believe He will gently let me down, to my knees.

What a blessing to know that Jesus is always with me, no matter how short the rope or how tight the knot. When I can no longer hold on, His hand will catch and protect me. His love will light the way to a new and greater walk with Him.