The Newcomerstown Middle School recently announced the choices for "Students of the Month" for May. Following is what was submitted about each student.

"Linda Chen, daughter of Tina and Andy Chen, was selected by the sixth grade teachers as their Student of the Month for May, and they have numerous comments to share about this star student. Linda is a wonderful student, an exceptional young lady, who leads by example and is always willing to lend a hand. She exhibits a positive attitude and comes to class ready to learn every single day. Her teachers encourage her to keep up the great effort and hard work, and want her to know that they are very proud of her! Linda's favorite classes this year are math and history, because math is fun and easy for her to learn, and history appeals to her because she enjoys learning about the past. She feels that her strengths include her understanding of math and science, and also her running ability. If she were the principal of NMS, she would let students play basketball all day. Some more fun facts about Linda are that she has a dog named Daisy, and two cats - Holly and Violet; her favorite meal is tacos; the last movie she watched was McFarland, USA; her all-time favorite book is A Series of Unfortunate Events; her favorite celebrity is Adam Sandler; her worst fear is the dark; she doesn't think she could bear to live without her family and friends; and if she could be invisible, she would find Bigfoot! Linda lists earning good grades as her greatest accomplishment so far, and the best advice she's received came from her teacher, Ms. Cushman, who said, "May the force be with you!" In the future, Linda aspires to become an artist and travel the world."

"The seventh grade teachers nominated Abigail Kennedy as their Student of the Month for May because she is just a great all-around student. She is polite, friendly, and helpful. In addition, she is persistent and focused to succeed despite classroom distractions at times. Her teachers enjoy having her in their classes and wish her the best in her future endeavors. Abigail, daughter of Craig Kennedy and Susan Kennedy, enjoys playing volleyball and watching Netflix in her spare time. Her favorite class this year is science because her teacher Mr. Stevens is a good teacher, who always makes it fun to learn. If she were the principal at NMS, she thinks she'd probably get fired! If she could possess a super power, Abigail would choose the power to control probability, so she could make anything happen. Some more fun facts about about Abigail are that she has 4 dogs (Hank, Vito, Izzy and Ella) and a cat named Cally; her favorite meal is hibatchi shrimp, noodles and rice; the last movie she saw was Jumanji; her all-time favorite book is It Gets Worse; her favorite celebrity is Khloe Kardashian; her worst fear is snakes; and her pet peeve is rude people. So far in life, Abigail feels her greatest accomplishment has been having good grades and the right mindset. The best advice she's received came from her mom, who told her, "It's never too late to get what you want." In the future, Abigail hopes to attend college to become a lawyer, moving to a bigger city for her practice."

"8th grader Jasmine Duerson was chosen by her teachers because she is an Honors student who leads by example, encouraging those around her to do their best. Excelling in the classroom, Jasmine is a model for student behavior and learning. In addition to being a leader in the classroom, Jasmine has also taken a leadership role in the entire school. She was one of the first students selected for the student leadership team, a group of students whose main focus is improving the school culture and climate. Jasmine's positive impact doesn't end there as she is a leader in athletics. Playing volleyball and throwing disc and shot in track, Jasmine plays an integral role her teams' successes. Jasmine is an incredible person and the middle school is a better place for having had her in it, and she will continue to great things for our Newcomerstown community. Jasmine, daughter of Isaiah Duerson and Michelle Burgio, says her favorite class is art, because she loves to create new things through drawing and painting. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing and painting, and participating in track and field, and she feels that one of her strengths is being confident in what she chooses to do. If she were principal of NMS, she would make sure the school was filled with positivity and that there would be 'place' for everyone. Some more fun facts about about Jasmine are that she has 4 cats (Blue and her babies); her favorite meal is stir fry; the last movie she saw was Beauty and the Beast; her all-time favorite book is The Fault in Our Stars; her favorite celebrity is Ashley Graham; her worst fear is not living fully; and if she were invisible, she would hop on a plane and travel anywhere for FREE! Jasmine feels her greatest achievement has been making the front page of the newspaper for spreading positivity throughout her school with her friends. The best advice she's received came from her mom, who said, "Never rely on others; be the one who gets things done yourself." In the future, Jasmine hopes to achieve all of her goals and have little, to no, regrets."