I believe it was three weeks ago that Pastor and his family sang the song "What a Lovely Name". The song speaks of the power in Jesus name; power to redeem, making sinners clean. I heard these words and realized once again the greatness of God.

Many of the hymns that we sing speak of God’s power. I heard a song just recently that said the power in the blood is still there, the power that is still saving souls today. The scripture speaks of God’s power more times than I can count; the power to forgive sins, bring physical healing, and cast into hell. Jesus said all power was given unto Him, and that He had the power to lay down His life and power to take it up again. There is no end, no limit, to the power of God.

I think of the power in a storm, a tornado, wildfire, or a hurricane; the power to damage and destroy. There is great power in today’s machinery. Man today can build weapons that have power to destroy, kill, and bring devastation almost beyond belief. We have medicine and procedures that seem to have power to heal. Yet I realize God sees it all, and without His allowing it none of this would be.

God’s power spoke this world into existence but I believe the greatest display of His power I may see is when He returns. The Bible tells me that Jesus will return in power and glory. The song says there is no greater promise than this.

I realize too, that my words cannot explain or define the greatness or power of God. There is so much I will never see or understand this side of eternity.

It’s a blessing to know that aside from God’s power, in His great love, He made a place for me.