ARTSNCT, Newcomerstown's new arts center, has completed the stage set for its monthly scheduled game show, The Feud (Newcomerstown-style).

Executive Director Michael Wise said, "If you are thinking that The Feud is like a television game show that has a similar title, you would be wrong."

The rules are simple. 1.) Assemble a 5-member team of your dearest and craziest friends and family members; 2.) choose a name for your team; 3.) register your team with ARTSNCT and; 4. prepare for battle.

Teams are required to 'dress up' as a team character you choose to represent, i.e. if your team is named Superheroes, each member would dress as Superheroes. The 'dressing up' part may be minimal (example: a hat or a glove) or to the max (example: full costume and makeup) or somewhere in between. You decide … however, bonus points will be awarded for Best Costumed Character.

The Feud has seven possible answers to each question.

If a team gives three wrong answers ("X" "X" "X"), that team is then considered to be 'behind the eight ball' and may choose the "Eight Ball" for a chance to redeem themselves. If chosen, the team or a team member must complete the mission or task stated by the eight ball to stay in the game. Each team may only choose the eight ball once during the game.

The team with the highest number of points normally wins, BUT the bonus points for Best Costumed Character are added at the end of the game which could possibly upset the results of the game.

The shows are FREE and open to the public to either participate in or watch.

All games will be filmed in front of a live audience and will be broadcast on ARTNCT’s new YouTube channel.

ARTSNCT’s The Feud (Newcomerstown-style) is scheduled to make its debut at 7 pm, Wednesday, August 22 on stage at the arts center.

The public may register teams by calling (740) 575-5710 or messaging

Wise said, "Feuding is not just for families anymore."