May I take this time to thank each of you for your prayers in the loss of my sister? When I got the call Tuesday evening that she was in emergency surgery my first thought was to go to her, and I did. My second thought was to call Pastor and alert our prayer chain. This I did also, and I know you prayed. Thank you.

The second surgery Wednesday found it to be as the surgeon feared, even worse than the night before. He had done all he could do. Through all this I knew God was with Patty, with me, and the family.

But I believe your prayers did not end with her death. God was still with me. Patty and I were both saved as teenagers. Though we both wandered away from church, I later returned to the God of my youth, to His Word, and His church. She did not. Because of this I struggled with the question, would I see her again? Was she truly saved? How could I know? I wanted the peace that comes with knowing that we would someday be together again.

Then God reminded me of what John 1:12 says. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name. As a teen, Patty believed. Though there was never a sign that she returned to God and His teaching, so did not grow in understanding, faith or wisdom, she believed. I will see her again.

We need to continue to pray for those in need, whether it be for health, growth, faith, wisdom, comfort, or most of all, for salvation. Pray that those seeking answers will find them. I believe that for me the answers and the peace I needed came because you prayed.

What a wonderful blessing to have a church family that prays for each other.