With the newness of those involved and many schedules working together to accomplish this project, the Newcomerstown Chamber’s Toys for Local Tots Program will be starting sooner than typical.

Once again, the Toys for Local Tots Committee is seeking contributions for the Children of the Newcomerstown area for the 2018 Christmas Season. It is the intent of the Chamber’s committee to have all monetary and gift contributions no later than Monday, Nov. 19.

With this timeframe, the volunteers will be able utilize time and monies most efficiently.

New this year, the Newcomerstown Public Library will house a "Toys for Local Tot’s Tree" with tags that request one specific gift for each child. It is their intent to take the guesswork out of gift purchases. If one takes a tag, they are committing to that purchase. The committee would like to have all "Tree" Gifts returned to the library no later than Monday, Dec. 3.

Many times, the ones who need it support the most are the ones who won’t ask. For those needing assistance, applications are available at the Newcomerstown Public Library on Main Street and Century National Bank on State Street. With a deadline of Nov. 10, applicants will have a month and a half to return their forms to the Newcomerstown Public Library.

Please drop off or send monetary contributions to: Paulla S. Emery, Century National Bank, 220 E. State St., Newcomerstown, OH 43832; put "Toys for Local Tots" on the memo line.