August 18 will certainly be a day to remember for many years to come. The Newcomerstown Historical Society has expressed their gratitude to the many individuals that responded and helped to make the event "Bring Woody Home" be a reality.

The Society would like to personally recognize the following persons: Jason Preistar, Chris Lauderback, Alan Cottrill, Mayor Pat Cadle, Newcomerstown Police Department, Steve Hayes, Archie Griffin, W.M. Brode Co., Newcomerstown High School, Joel Styer, Charles Lenzo, Jeff Eggleston, Mike Henry, Kathy Ellis, Bev Darr, Mike Hoskins, Jeff McIntire, Diane Koch, Rich Webb, Schumaker Farms, Don Silverthorne, Newcomerstown High School Cheerleaders, Joel Hillwig and the Newcomerstown High School Band, Ray Booth, Vane Scott IV, Todd and Lisa Davis, Greg and Georgiana Mason, Newcomerstown High School Color Guard, Kristen Biar, Peggy Shook, Sue Bowman, Carla Hall, B.J. McFadden, Pat Snader, Sarita Harding, Dick Mathias, Walter and Marian Murphy, Barb and Dani Casey, Larry Carney, Judy Zeidler, Diane Throckmorthon, Gini Jones, Harley and Marianne Dakin, John Ourant, Rhea Shaw, The Newcomerstown News, William Casteel, Graig Harbold and Son, Vane Scott III, Sue Scott, and Kitten Crater.

Newcomerstown Historical Society