I recently listened to a message from Jon Lands about discernment. He talked about discernment and the renewing of my mind, (Romans 12:2). He talked about being in the will of God; obeying His will and pleasing Him, even as Jesus did. (John 15:10). Pastor Lands mentioned that I should present myself a living sacrifice as God’s Word says. (Romans 12:1). He talked about the time of my life; a beginning and an end.

Pastor Lands talked about grave markers; what they have in common. Each one has the date of birth and a date when that person passed away. Then he said that between the two dates there is a dash or a hyphen. This is when life happens; when my life is played out. One day someone may see my tombstone and notice the dash. If they could read what has been written there what would it say? Would it say that what happened in the "dash" of my life represented the will of God for me? Did I keep His commandments; did I serve with love and commitment? Did I love others as He asks? Was I focused on being a living sacrifice and pleasing Him? Was I a worthy vessel; a vessel of honor? Was I a witness for Him; one who made a difference? I pray my days were filled with doing His will and not my own.

It’s a blessing to know that it is not only the beginning, or even the end of my life that will matter, but it’s what happens during the dash, what I have done for God and if I have followed His will, that will make a difference.