Last Sunday morning the children’s choir sang "Keep on the Firing Line." What a blessing it was to hear them sing of serving God; of not giving up when the battle is strong. I know I have heard this same message preached and taught many times but that day it seemed to bring a special message to me; an encouragement to not give up. The children sang, "If you’re in the battle for the Lord and right, keep on the firing line. If you wear a crown then bear the cross you must." I do dream of having a crown one day; a crown to lay at Jesus’ feet, thanking Him for the opportunity to serve while on this earth.

I wonder if the firing line could be the front line, the place where the battle is the hardest, most intense, and sometimes even the deadliest. I know that any place in battle is dangerous, tiring, and often without reward, but small victories are won throughout the war, from the front line to the rear guard. A soldier must be brave, strong, faithful, and always ready to defend the cause. The song says, "A coward in the service will not find a place, so keep on the firing line." As a Christian I am in a battle, not with weapons made by man, but with the power and strength of His Word. And always, no matter where I am in the battle, my God is with me, guiding and protecting me. I cannot run when the attacks come, but will trust God for the strength to stand.

There are times I cannot travel to where the battle is being fought so I must wait at home. But even there I can help. Maybe I can add some little thing to help equip a soldier before he goes off to battle. And I can pray. I believe that so often wisdom, protection, and strength to go on come because someone at home petitioned God, calling out names of the soldiers, asking for help. He heard, and He answered.

I thank God for the messages in songs. I thank Him for the message, and the blessing He sent Sunday.