Starting Nov. 5, the Tuscarawas County Commissioners began moving forward with the 2019 budgets by hearing county departments/office budget presentations.

Commissioners and Jane Clay, Executive Assistant and Park Coordinator, heard budget proposals from EMA, Southern Court, Clerk of Courts, Common Pleas/Community Corrections, Engineer, Public Defender, Regional Planning and Municipal.

Budgets being presented the week of Nov. 12 include: Coroner, IT, Prosecutor, Water/Sewer, Soil and Water, and OCED.

Later in November, the Commissioners will hear budget presentations from, but not only, CSEA, JFS, and Sheriff.

While the commissioners are the county’s taxing, budgeting, and purchasing authority, individual departments and the elected officials or department heads largely determine how their department budget will be spent. Following all the presentations made from the different county departments/offices, the Commissioners will meet for budget work sessions. During these sessions, the Commissioners will review the budgets and make decisions that are first and foremost fiscally responsible to the county, and also take different spending priorities and goals into account.

As mandated by Ohio Revised Code, counties must then pass either the final county budget, or a temporary appropriation budgetary resolution by Jan. 1. If temporary appropriations are used, the final budget must be passed no later than April 1.

The 2018 County General Fund budget was approved by the Commissioners on Jan. 24, 2018. All budget presentations, as well as the budget work sessions, are done during regular sessions of the County Commissioners Board meetings, which are open to the public. Information on the time of the sessions can be found on the county website using this direct link to the Commissioners Meeting Agendas: or by reaching the office at 330-365-3240.