I have a dream. I’ve had this dream for years. Some parts of it has been realized. A portion of it has yet to manifest. I’m writing this to ask that you help my dream come true. In doing so, it will become your dream also.

Newcomerstown has been a major part of my life, all my life. I love this little village. I have first-hand knowledge of the "way we were." I don’t want to lose our history. It’s not that I’m against progress. As a matter of fact, I’m all for modern-day improvements. But, we shouldn’t forget our past and the families and friends who populated that bygone era. 

In our downtown, so many buildings have been removed and parking lots inserted that soon the parking lots will be unnecessary. Those old buildings can’t be replaced. The old architecture is beautiful and quaint. They’re one-of-a-kind. I own the little grassy area with the gazebo at the corner of Bridge and Canal. It’s also one-of-a-kind. I call it Memory Park.

Years ago (and yet, not that long ago), that little strip of land hosted several lively business buildings that have since been torn down. I fondly remember seeing my mother and other wives and mothers walk to town and then rest on the benches around town after grocery and other shopping at the various stores before they continued their walk back home. I miss the quaint beauty and/or history of our town that has been destroyed seemingly in the name of progress.

Hence, my Memory Park is a nod to bygone days.

I could use help with the park: mowing, spring and summer flowers, a new flagpole with new flags, fresh paint on the gazebo which is still very useable, etc. We need funds for maintenance. 

Maybe you can make a small, regular, monetary contribution that would be earmarked solely for upkeep?

Also, now, we have a majestic fir tree on that site. Have any of you ever seen the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas-themed movies? Almost all of them feature a huge fir tree with lovely and appropriate decorations that make the tree stand out as an amazing beacon of light and love for the Christmas season.

My dream is that we annually have a beautiful Christmas tree to feature in our downtown area ... a beautiful, sparkling, glorious, whimsical affair. I’m sure word-of-mouth would entice other communitiesto come to see it as well. Additionally, I would like to include our children with their personal decorations – maybe as part of an annual tree-lighting ceremony. However, we need appropriate-sized decorations for our huge tree and someone(s) to hang the lights and ornaments. Is there any way you can help me with this project?

You can contact me, Audrey Hanni, at 740-498-5420. I look forward to hearing from you.