Congratulations to Krandon Stowers! Mrs. Brooks and the Sixth Grade Team have nominated him as their Student of the Month for October 2018.

The Sixth Grade Team members have numerous comments to share about their star student. Krandon is always focused and working hard to complete tasks. He uses his time wisely in class, and is a positive role model for his peers. Krandon, son of Scott and Jessica Stowers, lists as his hobbies drawing and studying maps. In fact, Krandon’s favorite class is History because he is very interested in maps and geography. If Krandon were principal, he would have bingo on Fridays during RTI.

Some more fun facts about Krandon are that he has one pet, Hillwiggy the Cat; his favorite meal is tacos; the last movie he watched was The Office; his all-time favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid; his favorite celebrity is Donald Trump; he has a fear of clowns; and if he were invisible, he would hop on a Caribbean Cruise undetected. The best piece of advice he has received was from his mother, who said, "Do your best all the time." Krandon feesl his greatest achievement so far is being chosen to be Student of the Month.

In the future, he hopes to become wealthy. Krandon’s teachers encourage him to keep up the hard word, and want him to know that they are very proud of him!

The seventh-grade teachers chose Landen Buckohr as their Student of the Month for October because, among other things, he is a great role model for his peers. He is a hard worker who works steadily until his work is completed. In addition, he is willing to ask questions and participates well. He also has a creative mind that allows him to find solutions for problems that arise. His teachers really enjoy having Landen in class. Landen’s favorite class this year is art because he likes to draw, see colors, and other vibrant creations.

In his spare time, Landen enjoys watching Anime programs, reading, writing and drawing. If he were principal, Landen says he would provide more down time for the students. Some more fun facts about Landen are that he has several pets — dogs named Ruger, Boss, Stan, Oakley, Libby and Zeus, and a cat named Lazarus; his favorite meal is Ramen Japanese; his favorite tv show is Naruto; his all-time favorite books are the Naruto Mango Series; his favorite celebrity is Sean Schemmel; his worst fear is fear itself; and his pet peeve is when people tell him what to do. The best advice Landen has received so far came from his brother Grant, who told him, "Don’t give up. Never give up." So far in life, Landen feels his greatest accomplishment has been making it this far, and doing so well in seventh grade.

In the future, he hopes to graduate high school and then become an author. Landen would like to help our world by being nice to people, which is something he has been working on, and he thinks everyone can and should do the same.

Hunter Amore, an eighth-grader and son of Sara Thomas and Brent Amore, was selected as Student of the Month for October by his teachers because he is a kind and friendly student who gives his best effort every single day. Hunter is self-motivated and is great at making sure he does his job every day in regard to work inside and outside of the classroom. He is very helpful to other students when they are in need, and is always the first to volunteer for whatever is asked. On the football field, Hunter is fearless! He never backs down, even when going against kids who are twice his size.

The eighth-grade teachers enjoy having Hunter in their classes, commend him for the awesome job he’s done so far, and think he should be proud of himself for his efforts! In his spare time, Hunter enjoys riding bikes, playing basketball and football, and watching Youtube. His favorite class this year is math because he enjoys solving problems. If he were principal, Hunter would let students use their cell phones during lunch time. Some more fun facts about Hunter is that he has two pet dogs named King and Angel; his favorite meal is steak with potatoes and beans; he feels his strengths include football, basketball and math; the last movie he watched is also his all-time favorite book, The Flash; his favorite celebrity is Stephen Curry; he doesn’t feel he could live without his family; and if he were invisible, he would enjoy saving people anonymously. So far, Hunter feels his greatest achievement has been scoring his first touchdown ever in his life this past football season, and the best advice he’s received came from his mother and father, who told him, "Never give up, no matter how hard life gets."

In the future, Hunter hopes to play football for THE Ohio State Buckeyes.