Carly Griffith, daughter of Tony and Carmen Griffith, was named the Rotary student of the month for November 2018.

A junior at Ridgewood High School, Carly is a volleyball player for the Generals and has been since the seventh grade. During her volleyball career, Carly earned a first-year varsity letter, an athletic bar for junior varsity, honorable mention for District V and best service percentage for the Generals. At the Ohio regional valley tournament, she was named second in the copper division.

Carly also participates in Junior Olympic volleyball at Kids America.

She has been awarded an academic award and belongs to the Foreign Language Club at Ridgewood. Her work experience is serving as the radio operator at WTNS, where she does the Sunday morning church services, the weather and music.

Her father and Coach Brenda McCoy were accredited with contributing to her self-development. Striving and pushing herself every day to be the best person, friend and team player she can be is very important to her.