The Newcomerstown Middle School recently named its "Students of the Month" for November. Following are the comments submitted about each student.

The Sixth Grade Team has numerous comments to share about their star student for November, Audrie Conner. Audrie always comes to class with a smile on her face, and is prepared to do her best. She also uses her time wisely during class, is a positive role model for her peers, and is willing to help others when they need it. Audrie also shares her ideas and participates well. Her teachers are very proud of her and encourage her to keep up the good work! Audrie, daughter of James and Jennifer Conner, enjoys reading and talking walks with her family, and plans to participate in track next year. Her favorite class this year is science because it is fun and she learns lots of new things every day! If Audrie were principal, she would make kids do work during detention, so they wouldn't think getting detention was so cool. Some more fun facts about Audrie are that she has several pets (dogs named Mac, Millie and Oscar, cats named Bull, T.J., T.K., Snickers, Fiji, and Junior, horses named Dusty and Poppy, a one-legged chicken named Alberta, and her bottle-fed calf, Forest); her favorite meal is her aunt's lasagna; the last movie she watched was Overboard; she feels one of her strengths is reading; her all-time favorite books are Harry Potter Years 1-7, Pie, and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane; she doesn't feel she could live without food and her family; her worst fear is never seeing her family again; and if she were invisible, she could get away with almost anything! The best advice Audrie has received comes from the Holy Bible (Matthew 19:26) ..."But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible." Audrie feels her greatest achievement has been becoming an official member of her church, and in the future, she hopes to go to college, get a good job, and eventually, get married.

Makayla Davis, 7th grade daughter of Allan and Kelly Davis, was nominated by her teachers as Student of the Month for November for a variety of reasons. Makayla sets a good example for her classmates to follow, yet she does not draw attention to herself. Her teachers appreciate her self-discipline, respectfulness and attention in class, and her willingness to follow the directions the first time. Makayla's favorite class this year is art, because she loves to draw and make crafts. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her animals and watching YouTube, and she would like to help the world by not polluting. If she were principal, Makayla would make every Friday a Fun Friday! Some more fun facts about Makayla are that she has several pets - Hannah, Buggie, Muffin, Roxy and Stella; her favorite meal is spaghetti and bread sticks; her favorite tv show is Love, Simon; her all-time favorite book is How to Disappear; her favorite actor is Will Ferrell; she has a fear of heights; and her pet peeve is when people act as though they are better than others. Makayla feels her greatest accomplishment has been making the distinguished honor roll, and the best advice she's received came from her mom, who told her, "Do what makes you happy." In the future, Makayla hopes to meet all her hopses and dreams. Makayla's teachers enjoy having her in their classes and wish her the best!

Eighth-grader Marlie Moner was nominated by her teachers because she is an incredibly talented and hard-working student, who is always respectful to her peers as well as school staff. In addition to her performance in the classroom, Marlie exemplifies leadership in her extra-curricular activities, and practices kindness on a daily basis. She is model student, and just an excellent example of a decent human being, displaying honesty, maturity and excellent work ethic regularly. Marlie, daughter of Corey and Kelly Moner, enjoys participating in volleyball, track, dance and band in her free time, and lists ELA as her favorite class this year because she likes to read and write. If she were the principal, Marlie would try to see to it that all students would want to come to school, with a positive mindset. Some more fun facts about Marlie are that she has two dogs - Jax and Bandit; her favorite meal includes steak; the last movie she saw was Instant Family; she feels her strengths are trying to stay positive and working hard; her all-time favorite book is Looking For Alaska by John Green; her favorite celebrity is Isabela Moner; she doesn't feel she could live without her dog; her worst fear is death; and if she were invisible, she would travel because she could go wherever she pleased! Marlie feels her greatest achievement thus far has been finishing 3rd place in the high jump in the IVC, and the best advice she's received came from her dad, who said, "You have to work to accomplish your goals; things don't always come easy." In the future, Marlie hopes to further her education at THE Ohio State University, in a field involving math or business.