It is always a blessing when God adds something special to my life. It may be a beautiful sunset, sparkling ice on the trees, a kind word from a friend, or an answered prayer. God’s presence always brings a praise to my heart.

Last Sunday as I listened to others offer praises to God for the special way He has worked or been evident in their lives, I was reminded that I have another reason to praise Him. I believe Pastor also made mention of this in one of his messages that day. I must remember to praise and thank Him for what I expect from Him, and what He does for me, but I also owe tremendous praise because of what He expects from me.

Just as a father expects certain behavior, attitudes, jobs completed, respect, and even obedience from his children, my Heavenly Father has expectations of me. He doesn’t leave me to live as I please. God’s love for me is sure, true, and forever. Because He loves me, I truly love Him. I believe, as my Father, He expects obedience, willing service, respect, and honor. I believe too, that He wants me to be faithful in living for Him; being an example for others to learn of His love and mercy. My life should be a shining light for the world to see. My relationship with Him should be one of love and communication, always listening for His direction. When I have questions or need direction I know the answers can be found in His Word, or through prayer.

I’m sure I have not said this well, but I want to be what God expects me to be. I would like to know that He is pleased with my service; that I am living my life according to His plan for me. I want to be strong in my faith, and strong in my love for Him. I hope He knows that I will always do my best in all that He asks of me.

Knowing God loves me enough to make His expectations clear is a wonderful blessing.