In late December, 2018, the Tuscarawas County Board of Commissioners approved the 2019 General Fund Budgets. The Commissioners said they approved a budget which promotes fiscal responsibility, safety, child protection and care services, economic development, and is structurally balanced.

As has been done in previous years, the commissioners carried over approximately $4.2 million, which would be 18 percent of 2018 expenditures. Outgoing Commissioner Kerry Metzger noted carrying over this amount meets the gold standard set by the Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council. The carryover of $4.2 million is there to be used should anything unforeseen occur.

Along with a $4.2 million carryover, the Board of Commissioners will also be using funds for some capital improvements in 2019:

• Fairgrounds improvements

• A new courthouse generator

• Demolition of an old building behind the Courthouse, which could then theoretically be developed to serve as a maintenance office for the county

• Other improvements at the Norma Johnson Center, IT Department, and Board of Elections,Courthouse/Annex Office, Sheriff’s Office, and Treasurer.

The commissioners also allotted funds that may be used to pay off a debt service related to the construction of the Southern District Court building, located in Uhrichsville.

Commissioner Metzger said he was pleased to note that he ends his tenure as commissioner with Tuscarawas County on sound financial footing. Completing the budget process takes the hard work and dedication of a team, and Commissioner Metzger took a moment to thank all of those involved in helping to make this year’s budget process a success.

Commissioner Charles Abbuhl echoed the thoughts of Commissioner Metzger, taking a moment to thank the many county departments, organizations, and agencies, whose cooperation made the process move smoothly.

Commissioner Abbuhl also took a brief moment to add that he has appreciated Commissioner Metzger’s leadership for not only this budget process but also the previous 14 years that they have worked together.