I listened to Pastor Rick Sowell this week and as so often happens I cannot remember the title for the message. I know he talked of being lost. He talked of the three parables in Luke 15. One of these was of the lost sheep, another of the prodigal son, and the third of the lost coin. He talked then of being lost spiritually. Here he read Matthew 18:11. For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost. Pastor Sowell mentioned that this was the whole purpose for Jesus coming to earth.

Pastor Sowell then told of a time when he truly understood what it means to be lost. He was in the woods and became lost from the camp and the others of his party. He continued to wander, thinking that surely this was the way back to camp. Finally he began to cross what he thought was about 3 inches of snow. Suddenly he heard the ice cracking beneath the snow. This was I believe in northern Michigan so he did not know if he was above a creek with 6 inches of water or if he was over a lake with 16 feet of water below him. He did not explain how he found his way out of the predicament but it seems it was a time he realized the terrifying truth of being lost. (This was only being lost in the woods. His salvation was already secure.)

As I listened to this story I wondered if I ever truly understood what it meant to be lost spiritually. Yes I know I was saved many years ago but did I know how close I was to being eternally lost? Did I understand I could not find my way home alone? Did I hear the ice cracking? Did I feel the panic that must have accompanied the sound?

Now I think about the ones who are still lost. Do they know of the danger? Do they understand what happens after the ice cracks? Do they know what is under the ice?

It’s a blessing to tell others the truth of what’s under the ice and to tell them the way home.