Officials of the Newcomerstown Public Library have a message for patrons: "Please use the proper entrances and exits only and follow the directional signage and painted arrows in place."

Library Director Cody Addy said that since the parking lot at the Library has been redone and resurfaced, there have been problems with people not following the posted traffic flow.

"Since we have had the parking lot finished, we have seen an increase in vehicles entering from Canal Street, an Exit Only access point," Addy said "We have also had several instances of near head-on collisions in a one-way parking lot. This cannot continue and is past toleration. We are going to end up with someone getting hurt, vehicles being damaged, or even worse when we have very young children and elderly that utilize the library parking area during operating and non-operating hours.

"If one is accessing the parking lot for a drive-through or parking, please access the lot from the Main Street entrances only. U-turns/turnarounds of entering the exit and leaving the exit or vice versa at the entrance is not acceptable driving behavior. What is keeping one from turning at the four-way stop or Bridge Street and driving an extra 200-600 feet to access the parking lot correctly? We are noticing too many people driving negligently or recklessly through the lot.

"In addition," Addy said, "just because we are closed or the lot is nearly empty and vision may be very clear, doesn’t make it correct to drive the wrong way or to speed through the lot. Remember, each driver is responsible for themselves and those in their vehicle. By driving inappropriately, it not only puts the driver and their vehicle in danger, but others as well. Every time one does something inappropriate, they are setting a bad example for others. How about we follow what most of us are teaching the school-aged children of our community, be a leader and accept responsibility for our actions.

"Please help us in setting good and safe examples for the rest of the community and those that are visiting."