The Newcomerstown Middle School recently named its students of the month for January and here is what was submitted for each student:

The Sixth Grade Team has nominated Tiffany Gamble as their Student of the Month for January and they are proud to share some facts about this star student. Tiffany, daughter of Tim and Melissa Gamble, is a sweet young girl who always comes to school with a smile on her face. She works extremely hard every single day in all of her classes, and she gives 110% effort on all assignments and classwork. Responsibility is definitely a great character trait of Tiffany, as she takes the initiative to complete all assignments. Tiffany doesn't necessarily have a favorite class or subject this year, as she loves all her classes, saying they are all enjoyable to her. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, riding 4-wheelers, and being around animals and friends. If she were principal, Tiffany would allow students to have a party for each holiday. Some more fun facts about Tiffany are that she has pet cats; her favorite meal is macaroni salad, french fries and cheese sticks; the last movie she watched was Meg; her all-favorite books are Junie B. Jones books; among her strengths are the fact that she never gives up and keeps on trying; her favorite holiday is Christmas; her worst fear is snakes; her pet peeve is when she asks someone to stop doing something and they don't; and she doesn't feel she could live without her family and friends. If she could have a super power, Tiffany would choose the power of speed, because she wants to complete her work superfast. So far in life, Tiffany feels her greatest achievement has been achieving good grades and doing well at Newcomerstown Middle School. The best advice she's received came from her mom, who said, "Never give up, and keep on going!" In the future, Tiffany hopes to become a preschool teacher and a cook.

Matthew Miller, 7th grade son of Willie and Laura Miller, was chosen by his teachers for this honor because he is a great all-around student who is a positive presence in the classroom. Matthew is cheerful and a hard worker, and serves as a great example for his peers. His hobbies include sports and his favorite class this year is science with Mr. Stevens because he gets to participate in lots of hands-on activities. If he were principal, one of the things Matthew would do is to make free lunch available for everyone. Some more fun facts about Matthew are that he has 11 pets - 3 dogs, 3 cats, and 5 rabbits; his favorite meal is bologna soup; his favorite movies are the Harry Potter movies; his pet peeve is people talking while the teacher is talking/teaching; and in the futre, he hopes to become an NFL player. Matthew feels his greatest accomplishment so far has been earning all A's all year on his report card, and the best advice he's received came from his dad who said, "Never give up." Matthew's teachers enjoy having him in their classes and wish him the best as he completes his education.

8th grade teachers selected Chance Warren as their January Student of the Month because he is a very pleasant and polite young man. His maturity stands out to his teachers, and his effort and attitude are a model for other students. It is believed by his teachers that Chance will do quite well as he progresses through school and through life. Chance, son of Thomas and Amber Cathcart, said that history is his favorite class because he appreciates learning about stuff that occurred before he existed. In his spare time, Chance enjoys playing checkers and chinese checkers, running and wrestling. If he were principal, he would allow kids a free day on Fridays. Some more fun facts about Chance are that he has no pets; his favorite meal is a hamburger with macaroni and cheese; the last movie he saw was Meg; his all-time favorite book is Story of the Titanic; his favorite celebrity is T. Powell; his worst fear is crossing bridges; he doesn't feel he could live without his best friend; and if he were invisible, he wouldn't like it! Chance feels that one of his strengths is making friends, and in fact, feels his greatest accomplishment so far has been aquiring the true friends that he has. The best advice he's received so far came from Eric Thomas who said, "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful." In the future, Chance hopes to get a sports scholarship to college.