Is the Newcomerstown Public Library a part of your weekly routine? Libraries no longer focus only on books, so if you haven’t visited your library in a few years, you should consider a second glance.

For example, the Newcomerstown Public Library has over 5,000 movies and TV series for you to choose from. Even better: it doesn’t cost you anything to check them out. What’s more, your library loans out all kinds of technology now: hotspots, game consoles, and more.

That’s right, you can check out one week of free 4G wireless Internet. Video game systems include the Super Nintendo Classic, PlayStation Classic, Nintendo Classic, Atari Flashback, and Sega Flashback. You can check these items out for one week too.

All you need to set up a new library card is proof of your current address. Your Newcomerstown Library offers coffee and tea for you to enjoy during your visit. You can also make a morning of your visit. You can read daily newspapers and the latest newsstand magazines (without the newsstand prices). You can work on a puzzle or play one of the many board games upstairs. Or you can best your friend at chess. If you would prefer something more social and research-focused, you can join the Local History Club. Each Wednesday, the club digs into the history of Newcomerstown and the surrounding area. Each month, your library also hosts a family movie night. Drop in to see what is playing.

Your Library adds new TV series, movies, anime, books, and manga every few weeks. Here’s a short list of the most recent goodies:

New DVDs: Devil May Cry, Red Data Girl, Halloween, The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 2, Pumpkin Scissors, Phantom, Dragonball Super Volume 6, Lizzie, Night School, The Bookshop, Charade, Malicious, Divided States of America, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Moon Spinners, The Escape of Prisoner 614, Destination Wedding, AXL, The Crucifixion, Hell Fest, Poldark Season 4, That Touch of Mink, and more.

New Young Adult books and Manga: "Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful" by Arwen Elys Dayton, "Two Can Keep A Secret" by Karen M. McManus, "The Wicked King" by Holly Black, "Evermore" by Sara Holland, "The Field Guide to the North American Teenager" by Ben Philippe, "A Sky for Us Alone" by Kirstin Russell, "Orange" by Ichigo Takano, "Your Lie in April Volume 2" by Hiroshi Arakawa, "Fairy Tail Volume 3" by Hiro Mashima, "Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Volume 1" by Coolkyousinnjya.