I heard again the song, "Jesus I Come", and it certainly added a blessing to my day. I hadn’t heard the song for a while but as I listened to the words I was reminded again of just what God’s love has and will do for me, and you.

As I listened I heard the words, "Out of my bondage, sorrow and night, into thy freedom, gladness and light." I heard "Out of earth’s sorrows into thy balm; Out of life’s storms and into thy calm."

I thought of the darkness that can fill a day; not just because the sun doesn’t shine but it seems almost as if the cares and troubles around me have darkened the day. The night comes when the sorrow seems to trouble my very soul. Earth’s sorrows or life’s storms darken many days. The things that I see or hear about cause me to wonder about my future. News reports tell of worldwide sorrow and suffering.

In all this I sometimes wonder where God is. Always, the answer comes. He is with me offering sunshine, freedom, gladness and light. He brings the balm that heals the pain of living in the sorrow of a dark world. God’s love adds forgiveness when I fail. His presence calms the storm around me and I can smile again, knowing He cares for me. He removes the fear, renews my strength, and allows me to continue serving Him.

It’s a blessing to know that God’s love will forever surround me and protect me until the day comes when He will call me home.