WEST LAFAYETTE — The village of West Lafayette was recently noted as one of the top recycling communities in 2018.

A report released by the Coshocton County Recycling and Litter Prevention Program was read by Mayor Bordenkircher during village council’s recent regular session, correspondence. According to the report West Lafayette was the leading recycling community with a tonnage of 113,740 pounds of recycling materials. West Lafayette also had the highest tonnage the year before with 97,330 pounds.

Out of the 12 communities in Coshocton County that participate in recycling, Canal Lewisville had the second highest tonnage of recycling materials with 87,980 pounds, and Warsaw had the third highest tonnage at 76,620 pounds.

The recycling site for West Lafayette was moved to Railroad Street (across from the Village of West Lafayette and Utilities offices).

Some guidelines for recycling include:

• Breakdown cardboard boxes, and place them into the "cardboard only" bin.

• Do not place recycling materials on the ground, beside the bins. If the bins are noted as full contact 740-575-4813.

• Do not place any refuse, or unrecyclable materials in any of the bins. The bins are designated for recyclable materials (cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum). Some of the bins are now co-mingled, and no longer require being separated.

• Do not place garbage bags, plastic shopping bags, dry cleaning bags, bread bags of any type into the bins. The bags obstruct recycling machinery. Grocery bags are accepted at Buehler’s and Walmart for recycling.

• Please rinse food from any plastic, paper, or aluminum containers before recycling them. Food is not recyclable.

• Car batteries can be dropped off at the "Big Green Box" at West Lafayette & Coshocton Public Library. The "Big Green Box" is also located at the post offices in West Lafayette, Coshocton, and Warsaw.