Newcomerstown Middle School officials offered congratulations to the  students who were the Accelerated Reader prize winners for the second nine weeks.

The names of all students in grades 6, 7 and 8 who reached or surpassed their AR goals for the nine-week period were placed in a drawing and these were the students whose names were drawn.

AR Prize Winners for the second nine weeks:

Wooden Puzzles - Clayton Fish, Troy McCoun

Yo-yo's & Candy - Randy Emig, Gage Fechuch, Katie Tidrick

Candy/Cup - Graham Shepherd, Nyah Baker

Posters - Ethan Swigert, Jacob Boyer

Sunglasses & OSU cup - Alyssa Barker, Matthew Stevens


Popcorn/Movie Container - Aaron Bolz

Earbuds/ Necklace Candy - Ayden Hursey

Books/Clip-on Book Light - Blair Butler

(Blair was the only eighth grade student to reach her AR goal this nine weeks.)

2 Movie Tickets - Retta Donathan

Google Play Card - Kiersten Lawton

Texas Roadhouse Cards/Candy - Aubree Simon

Missing from photo: Aaron Bolz and Katie Tidrick