I was in a thrift store last week where I saw a sign that was different but interesting. It was a small piece of wood in the shape of a heart with words painted on it that said, "Whatever lot God gives you in life… build on it."

Most times when people speak of having a lot, it is to build a home on. They may study home plans, visit contractors, decide on appliances, paint colors, carpet and so many things needed to acquire the home they want for their family.

Somehow I don’t believe that is what the sign meant. I realize God has given me a lot. Since He saved my soul, He has blessed me in many ways. I have family, friends, and a church where I can worship Him. My health is such that I am able to do what I need. My financial needs are met. His love and presence are with me always.

So what can I build on the lot God has given me? I can use material things that He has given to help others and in the process praise Him. I can use every opportunity given to tell others of God and His loving mercy. The ability He has given me to put a few words together can be used to encourage others or to point them to Christ.

On the lot God has given me I hope to build a testimony that will shine for Him. I will build according to His plans. He will choose the size, colors, which materials to use, and even the time to finish building.

I pray that what I build on the lot of blessings God has given me will be a blessing to others.