WEST LAFAYETTE — Pat Kelley gave a presentation for a new field house when the Ridgewood Local School Board met in regular session Tuesday Feb. 19, at the Administration Building.

Commendations were given to the Ridgewood Middle School Seventh Grade Girls’ Basketball Team for winning the championship of the IVC South. The team is coached by Steffaniee Powers.

The Superintendent gave a presentation of ED Choice Scholarship program and the following items were approved:

• An agreement with Northwest Ohio computer Assoc. Program of the Northern Buckeye Education Council Agreement for Limited Information Processing Services.

• Internet Service Agreement with OMERESA for FY 2020 as presented.

• Then and Now Certificate to Jefferson County ESC

• Donation from W. L. Lions Club to Ridgewood Elementary School - $750

• Donation Jones Metal for Athletics, $1500

• Donation from VFW for Wrestling, $300

• Donation from VFW for Music Dept., $300

• Approved an amendment to appropriations and estimated revenues for FY 2019 as presented.

Superintendent Michael Masloski presented the following items approved by the Board:

• Mary Lou Schwartz as a district sub

• College Credit Plus MOU for 2019-2020 Stark State College and Muskingum University

• Overnight Trip for Ridgewood High School Marching Band and Choir 8-12 to Disney World in Orlando Florida on January 16-20, 2020.

The next regular meeting will be Friday March 15, at 7 a.m. at Ridgewood Elementary School.