L.E.A.D. (Lead, Educate And Dream) is a before and after school program at Newcomerstown West Elementary School in which students have the opportunity to participate in reading and math intervention/enrichment and join a variety of clubs.

One of the clubs that recently took place was the Visiting Newcomerstown Club. The purpose of this club was to introduce students aged 8-11 to some of the businesses in the area and open their eyes to the day-to-day routines performed by the employees at these establishments.

Over the course of 10 weeks, eight area businesses welcomed 10-12 students as well as L.E.A.D. staff Ian Morrow and Abby Collins into their establishments with open arms. The eight local businesses that participated in this program were: The Newcomerstown Historical Society, Riverside Manor, Newcomerstown Mayor's Office, Newcomerstown Police Station, NERS, Newcomerstown Public Library, Newcomerstown Post Office, and Eureka-Orme Hardware.

These businesses not only gave students an exploratory tour of their facilities but also spent time explaining how their business works, what jobs are available, and how to go about obtaining those jobs.

School officials said, "It was an incredible experience for our students to see a different side of our community businesses. The L.E.A.D. staff and students appreciate our local businesses and their willingness to meet with students of Newcomerstown West Elementary School."