Newcomerstown High School hosted its annual science fair on Monday Feb 25 with Caitlin Green winning best of show with her project on... "How does the Slope of the Ground Affect Heartbeat When Running?"

Overall there were 16 students who received a Superior rating, 41 who received an Excellent Rating, and 16 who were rated Good.

Science Fair Results

Best of Show = Caitlin Green

Superior Rating:

Kaylee Ringer

Bryce Rhodes

Karley Ingle

Lexy Johnson

Jaylyn Kellogg

Brianna Robinson

Lillian Hill

Destiny Davis

Gatlin Fish

Kadon Williams

Kyler Popadak

Chase Haver

Seth Gamble

Sarah Garretson

Caitlin Green

Gage Bricker

Excellent Rating:

Addison Guy

Noah McConnell

Hannah Sterns

Hayley Williams

Michaela Miller

Madelynne Halsey

Karena Combs

Brandon Watson

Jeffrey Beitzel

Hunter Kennedy

Caleb Gano

Riley Eckelberry

Tyler Watson

Cody Gaskill

Kimberly Gibson

Corbin Ebersbach

John Wright

Eron St. John

John Rose

Felik Fowler

Skyler Pritchard

Ruth Carver

Haylee Gardner

Kenzie Worthington

TJ Arnold

Colton Humbert

Bradyn Cramblet

Kahnnor Stowers

Kris Lester

Braxton Wilson

Elena Cadle

Ellie Crank

Evan St. John

Roberto Sumey

William McMullen

Duane Gamble

Tayte Bryan

Cameron Dodd

Mackenzie Hickman

Samuel Brode

Jasmine Duerson

Good Rating:

Davan Harbold

Mackenzie Carroll

Ben Bachtel

Destini Elerick

Devin Thompson

Chance Wagner

Lilly Smith

Austin Lambes

Lexy Quillin

Nicholas Dalton

Izzy Lallithan

Hailey Sigley

Jacob Benzie

Gage Underwood

Keiden Grewell

Cori Lake